The cradle of modern Norway and gateway to the Sognefjord

At the entrance of the Sognefjord is the municipality of Gulen. This area is famous for the Gulating, considered by historians to be the place where Norway’s Vikings met 1,000 years ago to accept Christianity and establish the foundations of Norwegian law.

The destination of Gulen is a must-visit stop on the way either in or out of the Sognefjord. Steeped in Viking history, Gulen is home to the Gulatinget, which was one of the oldest and largest parliamentary assemblies in medieval Norway. As well as its history, the area also offers fascinating nature adventures such as deep sea fishing, wildlife safaris and hiking across the striking landscape. 

In addition to the berth at Skjerjehamn there are also several natural anchor spots in the area with outstanding surroundings and totally privacy, perfectly suited for an overnight stop. 

Your hosts at Gulen, Fjord Guiding, can offer in-depth knowledge of the region and advise on activities all the way from Bergen to Geiranger. They are the largest RIB-company in Norway, offering spectacular tours in the fjords.They can also provide the services of a tender with a speed of 40 knots which is perfect for fast trips into the Fjordarms as well as deep sea fishing.


Skjerjehamn / Gulen
Facilities and Services

Skjerjehamn is located at the mouth of the Sognefjord. It has been a popular port for decades and can offer guests many unique adventures and experiences.

The extensive range of services and amenities include:

  • 24/7 Yacht assistance
  • Single and 3-phase electricity 230V
  •  Repair and maintenance – Frydenbø 24-hour
  • Refuse and waste handling
  • Water supply at berth
  • Helipad at site
  • Airport: Bergen 2 hour drive
  • Helicopter transfer to / from Bergen, 30 min.

Berth Technical Information:

  • Length: alongside up to 40m
  • Draft: 4m 
  • Tidal movement: 1,5m

 Contact details:

Fjord Guiding: +47 47 80 20 10  /  E-mail:

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